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"Time Went So Quickly" (Silver Skies I)

  • "Time Went So Quickly" (Silver Skies I)
  • "Time Went So Quickly" (Silver Skies I)
  • "Time Went So Quickly" (Silver Skies I)

Watercolor on Paper; mounted to Panel. 6"x8" image area. Handmade black walnut floating frame.
The first in a series on watercolor landscapes exploring an overcast day in the upstate of South Carolina, late winter, early 2020. All images in this series reference the same day and weather for inspiration. Furthermore, the 'unofficial soundtrack' to this series is the album 'Closing Time' by Tom Waits, and each image's title corresponds to lyrics within each track of this album.

The work explores the melancholy nature of late winter as life persists, but mostly in a dormant state. This creates a sort of solitude in the remaining active life. As Nature illustrates this point so well, the addition of human-made structures brings a human element to these feeling of isolation, dormancy, and ultimately growth and rejuvenation. Humans' influence on Nature, and conversely, Nature's influence on humans is a central theme of this piece and overall series.